Chris has served the South East Michigan area since 1994, Areas such as Waterford Township, Livonia & Wixom. Chris & T-Rox are the go-to stump removal company for many tree and landscape companies in south east Michigan. He has held many jobs and job titles. With his experience in many different work fields. His experience allows him to adapt and overcome the many different situations that the Stump Grinding / Stump Removal industry can present. He is able to do jobs that most Stump Grinding / Stump Removal companies will not attempt to do. About us / Some of his past work experiences include: Lawn Maintenance, Full Property Maintenance & Management, Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Tree Removal, Storm Damage Tree Removal, 24 hour emergency natural Disaster Clean Up, Heavy Crane Operations, Certified Heavy Lift Rigger, Snow & Ice Management Consultant, ETC. For more info, See FAQ

About T-Rox

T-Rox Stump Grinding is a family owned & operated company, dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and safest stump grinding & stump removal services.  We pride ourselves on our safety practices and our spotless safety record. We also take great pride in protecting ALL of our customers & non-customers personal safety as well as property & assets. We hold insurance coverage’s far above industry minimum standards for our customers asset protection. We are happy to have our insurance agent provide you with our Certificate Of Insurance upon your request. 

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about our equipment & 100% pure michigan

We use Bandit Stump Grinding equipment. our equipment is meticulously maintained. We conduct daily maintenance and inspections on all of our equipment before each use and at the end of each day in Waterford Township & Commerce. We conduct monthly and yearly maintenance on ALL of our stump removal equipment. Bandit is located in Remus, Michigan. #PUREMICHIGAN 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really matter who I hire? Its just a tree stump!

Don’t risk hiring an unexperienced stump removal operator / company. It will cost you an extremely large amount of money, time and unneeded stress from: property / underground & above ground utility damage & personal injury. T-Rox has been in the industry a very long time, serving Waterford Township, Livonia & Wixom over 26 years. We have seen what can & will happen when work is not conducted properly and in a safe manner. An unexperienced operator / company will use inferior equipment, staff & safety practices on your property, this is a guarantee that damage to your property or to the unexperienced operator / company will happen & you will be at risk to exposure. Protect yourself, your family, your home & your money by hiring a professional, experienced & fully insured stump grinding company. Continue reading to learn more about us. Below are a list of FAQ

Does T-Rox have insurance? & Is T-Rox licensed?

T-Rox stump removal carries insurance for any & all projects. T-Rox carries above industry standard amounts of insurance coverage to protect its customers, its customers clients, itself & the general public. T-Rox has all of the necessary licensing for the state of Michigan & the U.S.A.

Does T-Rox guarantee ALL of its stump grinding & stump removal work?

T-Rox guarantee's all of it's stump grinding & stump removal work. If anything is missed or not ground deep enough, just contact us & T-Rox Stump Grinding will return for no charge. 100% Customer satisfaction is our policy, no exceptions regardless if your in Waterford Township or Livonia or Wixom, T-Rox Guarantees 100% of its work. Also see FAQ & About Us.